Why You Should Be Using Sun Stickers On Your Next Vacation
Why You Should Be Using Sun Stickers On Your Next Vacation

The correct application of sunscreen is the best way to protect the skin against rays that might cause many different kinds of damage. These include skin aging, the appearance of spots, redness, burns, and even skin cancer. sun stickers

It is recommended that, when exposed directly to the sun, an SPF minimum of 30 be applied with reapplications every few hours (especially when in contact with water). To guarantee that this will be followed, a set of stickers called SPOTMYUV, were developed especially for such scenarios, letting the user know when it is time to reapply sunscreen.

SpotmyUV stickers

It’s composed of three unique layers, including a swim and sweat-proof adhesive on the bottom. The middle layer has a disk of UV-sensitive ink, which will turn purple when activated by UV rays but will remain clear when not. Finally, the top is a patented biopolymer by the brand DermaTrue, which absorbs and wears sunscreen just like skin. 

To start using, put one sticker on the skin surface before sunscreen and then proceed with the application of the product normally. The purple dot will turn clear after a few moments, indicating that the UV ink is protected (and your skin too). If you don’t apply enough, it’ll stay purple, and as the sunscreen wears off during the day, it’ll slowly turn back to purple so you will know it is time to reapply. Sun stickers

Why You Should Be Using Sun Stickers On Your Next Vacation

Each sticker can stay on the skin for up to 12 hours. This company also makes a similar product, but in the form of a wristband that works by the same principles.

This product is an easy way to control sun exposure, especially on children, so there will not be any type of damage after a great day outside. Sun stickers

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