Reasons Why People Regret Scalp Micropigmentation
Reasons Why People Regret Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a delicate procedure. Getting a hair tattoo is one of those critical decisions you’ll have to make as you go along life, you know, like getting a cat, or a pet python, or a dog. Therefore, information is power. Scalp micropigmentation regrets are not a strange thing, especially if you go to a bad hair clinic. The number one scalp micropigmentation rule is to get an expert to do it.


Do You Qualify for an SMP Repair?

If you have a terrible scalp micropigmentation, you are the perfect candidate for a scalp micropigmentation repair treatment. You made the honest mistake of going to the wrong company or some backwoods tattooist who has no clue on the treatment’s delicacy and got yourself a bad scalp micropigmentation. The reason is that you had insufficient information.

Additionally, SMP is also for those with scars from hair transplants. A hair transplant scar is inevitable, which means you’ll need an SMP repair treatment to help in hair transplant concealment. Remember, you should know the difference between scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant. So, get the right information.

Reasons for Scalp Micropigmentation Regret

  • Incompetent Technicians

Scalp Micropigmentation turns out despicably horrible if the person doing is inapt because of a lack of proper training. As a good rule of thumb, the depth of know-how of SMP that each technician needs to possess has different applications predicated on gender, ethnicity, and shape. A great clinic should have let their technicians some across the various uses of SMP so that they can be ready to offer what you may need. You should see which pieces of information to ask.

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  • Mismatched Pigment

Scalp or head tattoos that are poorly applied usually become green or blue. The pigment deployed has not been tailored to the specific scalp or has no optimization for colorfastness. Thus, as a patient, it is part of your due diligence process for you to ask for past results of the recommended pigment at the clinic of your choice. What you need to look for is whether the dye creates a natural look, not to mention unedited photos or even talk to a client.

Note: even if the pigment looks natural, it can fade into green or blue; if not, it is not scalp-specific.

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