IMAN Cosmetics
IMAN Cosmetics

Welcome to IMAN, your new personal makeup matchmaker that will find the perfect shade for your skin! IMAN will catch the adequate foundation color match for you. With IMAN, women get exclusive access to the biggest cosmetics secrets at their fingertips: how to properly use concealer, embellish their eyes & lips and make them feel like real top models!

IMAN will satisfy all your beauty needs and quickly become your favorite virtual beauty advisor app.

IMAN is really easy to use; you just have to take a selfie or upload a picture of yourself and wait to get unique and personalized beauty advice such as: what foundation color will match your skin best? Which powder shade should you use? Get an array of lipstick palettes to match all the colors of your outfits and fit any event you’re planning to attend.

IMAN will provide you with the best makeup tutorials (learn how to make smoky eyes or plumper lips) and moreover, the best beauty products for a plum perfect face. This app will fulfill all your beauty needs in a fun and easy way!

IMAN’s main features are:

– Instantaneity: the beauty advice is given immediately after you take a selfie (or upload a picture of yours).

– Personalized: the app uses a color matching technology (such as foundation color match) and is based on your lifestyle and your skin shade.

– Meet your match: Pay less for the same beauty products. If you have a cosmetic product (such as concealer, lipstick, powder or other) from a different makeup brand, this app will find your comparable IMAN Cosmetics match.- #IMAN Cosmetics: share posts on social media with IMAN’s hashtag for a chance to be featured on the app.

– Shop IMAN: See new collections and buy any beauty products that you want: lipstick, concealer, powder and many more!

– Find a store: Find the closest store near you. Via…

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