How to Confidently Flaunt Smooth Arms and Legs Throughout The Year

Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your body is also prone to damage which results in sagging and patchy skin on your arms and legs. These concerns may prevent you from wearing the short, sleeveless dresses you’ve been coveting. However, repairing this damage and regaining the confidence to flaunt your arms and legs is simpler than you believe. By dedicating a little extra time each day to skincare, you can achieve soft and smooth arms and legs. Continue scrolling for five near-genius habits to incorporate into your daily body care routine, beginning today!

  1. Always moisturize 

Just as you use a moisturizer on your face daily, regardless of the season, you should do the same for your body. After showering, apply a light body lotion to your hands and legs. When applying the lotion, ensure that your skin is still damp. The lotion forms an artificial barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from external aggressors.

  1. Exfoliate on a regular basis 

Similar to your face, your hands and legs may accumulate dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and sweat. Apart from causing uneven tone (dark elbows and knees), it can also clog pores, resulting in the dreaded strawberry legs. Exfoliating your arms and legs about twice a week helps remove dead skin cells, visibly brightens the skin, and improves blood circulation, keeping your arms and legs looking soft and smooth.

  1. Use caution when shaving. 

Are strawberry legs preventing you from showing off those lovely summer gowns? By using better shaving techniques, you can easily avoid their appearance. To begin, always use a clean, sharp razor and liberally apply shaving foam or gel. Second, ALWAYS shave in the direction of hair growth, and always exfoliate your legs prior to shaving. These practices will keep hair out of the follicles, preventing folliculitis or strawberry legs. Finally, moisturize your legs immediately afterward to seal in moisture and reduce friction.

How to Confidently Flaunt Smooth Arms and Legs Throughout The Year

  1. Daily application of SPF 

Sun exposure ages the skin on your body, resulting in sagging skin, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone, and of course, sunburn. As a result, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreento your hands and legs as well. Take our word for it; you’ll thank us in a few years!

  1.  Maintain adequate hydration 

Apart from the tips mentioned previously, making a few changes to your diet can also help improve the health of your skin. To begin, drink at least 8 to 10 tall glasses of water per day. This will help keep your body hydrated, aid in the elimination of toxins, and nourish and hydrate your skin.

About the Author:

Germie Alderite is a Registered Medical Technologist in the Philippines. She is currently studying Doctor of Medicine in the said country. Germie worked in an Adventist Wellness Center for a year before entering Medical School. She believes that many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, thus, people need instruction. They need to be impressed with the importance of making their knowledge a guide of life. Physician has many opportunities both of imparting a knowledge of health principles and of showing the importance of putting them into practice.

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