Get To Know The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hair Dryer
Get To Know The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hair Dryer

Extreme weather, icy winds, and dust are your hair’s enemies you need to beware of. Hair dryer seem to get much help to keep your hair clean and dry. A range of hairdryers is there to blow the moisture away and let you style your hair as you need. Keeping your head exposed to windy and wet weather can lead to severe headaches and cold too. This is why you will require a hair blower to dry your scalp and stay safe and warm. But is it fine to use heat blowers regularly? Is it healthy for your hair growth?

Types of Hair dryer – Classification of Hair dryers

Based on different heating and working methods, you can classify hairdryers into four types.

  • Ionic Hair dryers
  • Ceramic or porcelain hair dryer
  • Tourmaline hair dryer
  • Titanium hair dryer

These different types of hair dryers are designed to treat different kinds of hair, such as curly hair, thin hair, frizzy hair, dull hair, thick hair, and fine air.

The advantages of hair dryers

1. Hair dryer is Money Saver

There is one thing for sure; no appointment with your hairdresser means no expenses to spend on hair styling options. Let’s not forget how much time a visit costs you. This is the reason why hair dryers are the most preferred options for smart people.

2. Hairdryers lighten the hair

A blow of heat now and then is suitable for your hair; it also keeps your smooth and light of you have a thick hair problem. Hairdryers are most beneficial if you have curly hair and thick hair as the blowing right after shower gets them to straighten better. You can follow any grooming style for you afterwards.

3. Decreases Drying Time

Another problem with thick, long hair is the drying time. A hairdryer evaporates water and moisture faster than usual or conventional methods hence cutting your drying time almost to 3/4th.

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