Everything You Need To Know About Skincare Pilling

Skincare isn’t easy. Even when you have access to the best products, something like skin pilling can prevent results from showing. So what exactly is this issue and how can we address it? Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician Dr Ajay Rana explains what it is and what it does.

What is Skin Pilling?

Moisturisers and serums are some skincare products that start forming little clumps on the skin rather than getting absorbed into it. Many factors cause the little granules of these products to pile up. Dr Rana says, “When several skincare products applied on the skin do not gel with each other, they form tiny balls that sit on the top of the skin. When we rub a skincare product on the skin and it never quite soaks in, it causes skin pilling too. When we rub it, the product is pilling, or collecting on top of the skin, creating a barrier that’s preventing absorption.”

What Causes Skin Pilling?

While the main cause of skin pilling is generally due to improper layering of skincare products, the rubbery flakes can also be a result of using thicker formulas in the wrong order. “One should always apply a product, like moisturiser, that can stop other lighter products from getting absorbed, later in the routine. You need to follow a proper method before applying skincare products.

Start with the most watery products like toners and serums. Apply moisturisers, essential oils, and lastly follow it up with sunscreen. Always go for water-based skincare products before oil-based ones because the oil will block the water from penetrating into the skin,” explains Dr Rana.

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