Everything You Need To Know About Polygel Nails Extension
Everything You Need To Know About Polygel Nails Extension

Polygel Nail extension is a difficult process that requires skills and accuracy from the master. But given all of this is achieved, it can be organized even at home.

Polygel material is a hybrid of gel and acrylic. Initially, they were mixed manually. But now it can be bought ready-made. When preparing a polygel, a high-quality gel is mixed with a minimum amount of acrylic powder. It turns to a plasticine type consistency.

The main features of Polygel Nail Extension:

The process of nail extension takes place without a pungent aroma (unlike pure acrylic). After treatment with a lamp, the plates become very dense and do not break (unlike the usual gel).

The material does not cause allergies and is suitable even for people with asthma.

The polygel is easily levelled, and remains of the product can be used further.

As a result, the time spent on the entire extension process is significantly reduced.

It is laid out almost in the same way as acrylic. Only it does not freeze instantly but retains its plasticity before being processed with a lamp.

Important thing – is to properly prepare nails. With correct work with the material, various errors are completely excluded. The material is tougher than gel, but softer than acryl. When an ordinary gel is placed on nails and treated with a lamp, it begins to leak out. And then it could form ugly bumps in the cuticle area that are needed to be cut out, which injures the delicate skin. With the polygel, such problems do not arise.

Selection of Quality Material

Polygel nail extension requires the selection of quality material. There are many options on the market today. Among all the diversity, two main types of material can be distinguished: acrylates; products with a gel / jelly structure. The first option (acrylates) by its properties most of all resembles an acrylic product. The material has a pasty structure – thick and dense. To distribute it over the nails, the mass must be pressed against the plate.

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