BAKBLADE 2.0: Does It Really Work Well?
BAKBLADE 2.0: Does It Really Work Well?

Some men are lucky enough to have less body hair than others. This can be chalked up to genetics and race — generally, European, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern men have more body hair than African, Asian, and American men. Sadly, I have a lot of body hair on my back and especially on my chest, making it painstakingly difficult to remove those in hard-to-reach places. And I can’t ask someone to do it for me. So when I saw the BAKBLADE body shaver, I was raring to try it and see if it works. I know a lot of men who would benefit from this BAKBLADE 2.0 review.


Shaving is one of the very few routines that we men do all the time. We do it every single day ever since we hit puberty but finding a good body shaver is difficult. Some are too small and not designed to shave at different angles. Others require electricity or batteries to operate. And don’t get me started on razor burns and cuts.

The BAKBLADE 2.0 is an ergonomically designed back and body shaver to help you have a smooth, fuzz-free body. There’s no need to resort to painful waxing or asking other people to shave your back for you. The easy grip and adjustable handle prevents slipping and lessens the effort that you have to exert while shaving. Additionally, it can also be used on wet and dry skin without the fear of razor cuts or burns. You can finally change your perception of how to shave your back with this tool.

Features and Benefits

As soon as I saw this shaver, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Luckily, I didn’t shave yet so I was able to see if it truly is effective for this BAKBLADE review. I have a lot of hair on my chest and back, and quite a bit on my arms and legs. Here are the features that I liked best about this men’s back shaver.

S-shaped handle. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to grip. It also allows you to shave hard-to-reach spots at different angles so no patches are left. This design is patented so no other men’s body shaver has this unique shape. I was able to remove all hair on my back plus my arms and legs without straining too much.

DryGlide technology. As much as I want to shave, I despise razor burns and cuts that come after the process. Even if I use the best-selling shaving cream brands in the market, I still get those painful nicks. So I was glad to know that they invented the DryGlide technology that allows you to shave with a wet or dry body. I tried three variations: I shaved a patch with water, a patch that’s completely dry, and a patch with shaving cream. Surprisingly, all three methods worked well and I didn’t get any cut in the most sensitive spots.

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