Y-Brush: Your Best 10-Seconds Deep-cleaning Mouthpiece Toothbrush
Y-Brush: Your Best 10-Seconds Deep-cleaning Mouthpiece Toothbrush

FasTeesH, manufacturer of the new Y-Brush, claims its new toothbrush is able to clean teeth 12-times faster than a standard toothbrush thanks to “proven technology and intensive work in R&D”.

According to FasTeesH many people have admitted to brushing their teeth less than twice a day. On average they don’t brush their teeth for long enough, less than the two minutes recommended by oral healthcare professionals.

Why was the Y-Brush developed?

Benjamin Cohen, CEO of FasTeesH, explains: “Today, people think of teeth brushing as a strenuous and tedious chore. The current daily routine has become speedy and inefficient. Yet, people should take dental hygiene very seriously since it has extensive repercussions on one’s general health. FasTeesH created Y-Brush to improve the current situation.”

He continued: “Thanks to its innovative technology Y-brush is able to brush all teeth simultaneously. It ensures an efficient clean in only 10 seconds. Although its effectiveness seems inconceivable, it has been proved by numerous in-vivo and in-vitro trials.

About The Y-Brush

“The product required almost three years of R&D with the help of health professionals. Y-Brush functions like an electric toothbrush. A handle activates a brush with sonic vibrations, but its head is in the shape of a ‘Y’ allowing complete coverage of all the teeth. Different sizes have been designed to fit children and adults.”

The brush is covered with nylon bristles inclined at a 45° angle. It is claimed to ensure the thorough removal of dental plaque on the teeth and along the gum line by recreating the Bass method of brushing recommended by dentists.

Mr Cohen said: “To this day, nylon is the only material which has proven its efficacy in terms of dental plaque removal. This being the reason why it is used on most of today’s toothbrushes, rather than silicone or other materials.”

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