5 Reasons Why Katori Wax is Preferable to Threading
5 Reasons Why Katori Wax is Preferable to Threading

We understand that facial hair removal can be pretty painful.  Threading is a popular method of removing facial hair but it is can be a painful and time-consuming method of epilation in salons. If you’re looking for a less painful, longer-lasting procedure, you should learn about the benefits of Katori wax.

What is Katori wax used for?

As the name implies, Katori wax is cold wax in a metal bowl that can be heated directly. This specialized wax may be a more effective method of hair removal. From tan removal to a less painful experience, here are five reasons to try Katori wax:

  1. It is a do-it-yourself project

You can quickly heat the Katori wax in your home and experiment on your own. After heating the wax, allow it to cool slightly before applying it to the desired area at a manageable temperature. After using the wax, tap it evenly to remove excess and allow it to cool. Once the wax has cooled, check to see if it has become tight. Now, reverse the direction of the pull to remove the hair.

  1. It dislodges hair

Waxing your facial hair is considered to be more effective because it eliminates hair at the follicle level. In comparison to other methods, the wax assists in removing hair from the roots.

  1. Less agonizing

Threading can be an excruciating experience for females. And you’d be dreading the salon visit if you’re hairy or getting upper lips done with total growth. In comparison to threading, waxing completely removes the hair patch.

  1. Long-lasting

The effects of Katori wax can last up to three times longer than those of threading, providing you with additional time between salon visits or at-home sessions. Additionally, waxing over time damages your hair follicle which contributes to the reduction in hair growth. That earns you bonus points.

  1. Struggle with blackheads and tanning

As wax is known to aid in removing tanning, the Katori wax will do the same for your face. Additionally, this wax can help in the removal of stubborn blackheads and hair. Isn’t that brilliant?

Warning before using Katori Wax

Conduct a patch test if this is your first attempt. Individuals can have varying degrees of pain and skin sensitivity. Additionally, avoid waxing large patches of skin as this can irritate your skin.


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