11 Best Laser Hair Growth Devices You Should Buy Right Now
11 Best Laser Hair Growth Devices You Should Buy Right Now

Fortunately, hair loss is a treatable condition — the sooner you start taking action, the easier it’ll be dealing with it Hair Growth.

Excluding hair transplants and stick strictly to home treatments, most people address hair loss with haircare products or drugs.

It’s not a wrong approach, but these therapies usually provide optimal results in the early stages of hair loss.

Besides, most products and drugs take a long time, maybe years, to show visible improvements.

The truth is that most people aren’t willing to wait for that much. Are you? For this reason, we’ve come out with a much better solution — laser hair growth devices.

Nowadays, one of the most commercially successful applications of LLLT devices is the stimulation of hair growth in the scalp’s balding areas.

These systems use low-level lasers therapy (LLLT) to heat up the scalp tissue and encourage the hair follicles to produce more hair.

Yes, lasers can make your hair grow back, increase hair count, strengthen existing hair, and prevent baldness. How cool is that?

Laser Hair Growth Systems

Existed research suggests that LLLT has multiple mechanisms to stimulate hair growth.

One study found that laser energy may drive hair follicles from the telogen phase into the anagen phase, during which the hair is actively growing.

Furthermore, the newly grown hair is thicker and denser. Another group of researchers explains that red light can stimulate dermal papilla cells, promoting cell cycle progression.

T. Matsuzaki claims that “dermal papilla cells have the ability to induce and form hair bulbs under preferred environmental conditions.”

Does it work?

systematic review was done to identify studies published between 1960 and 2015 related to the use of LLLT as a treatment for hair loss.

Eleven studies investigated hair count and hair density in 680 patients (444 men and 236 women).

Nine out of 11 studies found statistically significant improvements in both men and women following LLLT.

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