Mink: Is 3D Makeup Printing the Next Step in Cosmetics?
Mink: Is 3D Makeup Printing the Next Step in Cosmetics?

Today we’re looking at a very unusual device, the Mink, world’s first makeup 3D printer. The Mink 3D printer — named after combining the words “makeup” and “ink” — is designed to provide near-real-time production of actually usable makeup. This is quite an intriguing idea, as makeup is typically bought ahead of time, such that the wearer has a collection of useful shades. They can then select the appropriate color for the situation.

However, there are a great deal of colors and one cannot store makeup of every color. There are also situations where one does not have access to the makeup collection. These seem to be the two scenarios being addressed by the Mink device.

How Does the Mink 3D Makeup Printer work?

A smartphone app is used to collect — by download or capture with the camera — an image of the required makeup color. Now, don’t think of this as a “paint chip”. It could be an image of literally anything. For example, you could use an image of someone else’s eye already with makeup applied.

Once the image is selected, it’s sent to the Mink 3D printer. A consumable sheet is inserted, and the image is faithfully reproduced on the sheet. But here’s the really interesting part: the image on the sheet is actually usable makeup! By sliding your fingertip or a brush over top of the image — or at least the portions containing the desired color — you can pick it up and apply it on your person.

2D or 3D Printer?

In a sense, that’s technically correct: a 2D design is being reproduced here, not a three-dimensional model. However, there are some complications here.

First, this device is mixing materials and ink to produce a thin, but not zero thickness, layer. It’s not quite like a plain 2D image.

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