5 Easy Tips for Fixing and Preventing Brittle Nails Due to Increased Household Chores

Allow yourself to be uplifted by the stress of your deteriorating nail health because we have the ideal solution for you. Continue reading for five incredibly simple yet highly effective tips on how to repair brittle nails and prevent further damage.

  1. Utilize cuticle oil. 

If you want longer, stronger nails, you must invest in cuticle oil. Due to the increased amount of hand washing and household chores, your nails tend to dry out quickly and require additional nourishment. Applying cuticle oil to your nails hydrates and repairs them, thereby strengthening them and preventing chipping and breakage.

  1. Use hand cream. 

As with the skin on your face, the skin on your hands is prone to becoming dry and in need of moisture. Applying hand cream after washing your hands or doing the dishes is an excellent way to prevent dehydration of your nails and surrounding skin, thereby strengthening brittle nails.

  1. Put on gloves 

Your nails become dry as a result of SLS and other surfactants found in soaps and detergents, resulting in ridges, split nails, and generally weak and brittle nails. However, a simple way to protect your nails is to wear gloves when doing dishes or other household chores. This simple step will keep your hands and nails safe from those chemicals and will keep them stronger and healthier.

  1. Maintain short nails 

If you notice that your nails are extremely brittle and easily break, consider trimming them. Short nails are less likely to break due to the absence of exposed edges that can tear and snag. Additionally, shorter nails require less TLC and are easier to maintain.

  1. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.

These tips will be ineffective unless you hydrate and nourish your body from within. Consume at least 8 to 10 tall glasses of water daily to keep your nails moist and prevent them from chipping and peeling. Additionally, consume a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients (include more vegetables, nuts, and protein) to promote stronger, healthier nail growth.

About the Author:

Germie Alderite is a Registered Medical Technologist in the Philippines. She is currently studying Doctor of Medicine in the said country. Germie worked in an Adventist Wellness Center for a year before entering Medical School. She believes that many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, thus, people need instruction. They need to be impressed with the importance of making their knowledge a guide of life. Physician has many opportunities both of imparting a knowledge of health principles and of showing the importance of putting them into practice.

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