The Personalized Brand Experience with AI Beauty Technology

Beauty: As brands reinvent the digital shopping experience, personalization and customer customizability are at the center of the effort. With an increase in digital shopping experiences, customers are hungry for product and personalized care. In 2020 alone, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development found that global online purchases for cosmetics and personal care have risen by 6%, compared to 2019 (UNCTAD).

As consumer demand grows, trailblazing beauty brands continue to find new ways to communicate with and tailor to their audiences. Increased levels of customization and just-for-you care are driving reasons behind brand innovation. Take AvedaNeutrogena, and e.l.f., all of which have implemented beauty tech solutions to boost their personalized beauty shopping offerings to guests, and ultimately driving sales.

  1. Product Tagging: Automatically extract and create comprehensive and accurate tags from images and text, for enhanced product discovery.
  2. Personalized Marketing: Make your one-time shopper a repeat shopper with personalized retention marketing.
  3. Complete The Look: Show products that are frequently bought together. And across categories like skincare, haircare, and more, to increase basket size.
  4. Dynamic Personalization: Understand shopper intent within 2 clicks based on category, concern, brand, price & more, to power bespoke experiences.

“We think this gives our consumers a wonderful opportunity that in an everyday purchase event, they will have an opportunity to have a personalized regimed created for them,” says Logan McGill, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, Head of Neutrogena® Skin Tech Innovation.

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