Top 4 Tools for Blackhead Removal and Management
Top 4 Tools for Blackhead Removal and Management

Open comedones, or blackhead, are a common skincare concern among people of all ages.

Often linked to acne or even be caused by cumulative exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, these individuals are seeking a convenient solution to this recurring skincare concern and they may be turning to your clinic for help.

Give these prospective patients exactly what they’re looking for with these four tools for creating the ultimate blackhead removal and dermal rejuvenation treatment package.

It takes a holistic approach to skincare and blackhead management so you can offer complete, well-rounded results.

1- Education

Converting a prospective patient during the consultation process isn’t easy, particularly if they don’t fully understand the complexities of their aesthetic concern or they happen to have unrealistic expectations for their potential treatment outcomes.

This is what makes education such a valuable tool in any aesthetics treatment package. Include extra time in your consultation process to cover this step to provide clarity and transparency to your patient, earn their trust, and ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to managing expectations.

For prospective patients presenting with blackheads, start by offering a more clear definition of what a blackhead is and the underlying factors that may be contributing to their skincare woes.

Consider covering the following points:

  • Start by explaining that oil production is the underlying factor in the proliferation of blackheads. Essentially, blackheads are a simple mixture of sticky sebum (oil) and dead skin cells that settles into open pores.
  • Unlike whiteheads, where pore openings are blocked and bacteria becomes a concern, blackheads remain open. For this reason, the combination of oil and skin cells becomes oxidized in the pore, making it appear black.
  • Blackheads are often concentrated around the nose, chin, and center of the forehead because that’s where skin happens to produce the most oil.
  • Blackhead treatments and extractions are best left to the professionals, as applying too much pressure or squeezing skin to “pop” a blackhead could cause dermal trauma, leading to raw skin, a risk of infection or scarring, or perhaps further breakouts.

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