Nano Brows vs Powder Brows – Comparison Between Brow Treatments
Nano Brows vs Powder Brows – Comparison Between Brow Treatments

Permanent makeup for the brows can be split into 2 categories: brows done with a manual blade – microblading – and machine brows. If you’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for microblading for whatever reason, you can decide which style of machine brows you want to get – nano brows vs powder brows.

Now we know that the PMU terminology can get confusing and that it’s sometimes hard for clients to distinguish between treatments, but to help you make the right decision, let’s compare nano brows and powder brows.

Keep reading to find out what the differences and similarities between the 2 brow treatments are.

Nano Brows vs Powder Brows – Comparison Between Brow Treatments

Nano Brows vs Powder Brows: Similarities

Although they are essentially 2 different treatments, nano brows and powder brows share certain similarities and advantages over microblading. Let’s discuss the key points:

They’re Both Done with a PMU Machine

Both nano brows and powder brows fall under the category of machine brows, a range of permanent makeup treatments which enhance your brows by implementing pigments into the skin with a PMU machine.

A PMU machine is somewhat similar to a tattoo gun, but it uses different needles and works at a lower intensity. The needles used for PMU are thinner than those used for body art, so it’s possible to create marks as thin as actual brow hairs.

The needles implement pigments into the skin in a different way from microblading blades. While the blade makes elongated incisions by being dragged through the skin, the PMU machine inserts the needle in and out of the skin at a high velocity, making punctures rather than scratches. Filled with pigment, these perforations are sometimes called pixels.

The pigment inserted with this motion stays put, so to say, as the opening is so tiny there’s no chance of pigment bleeding out of it.

This technique of pigment insertion allows for different styles.

Clients Who Aren’t Candidates for Microblading Can Get Them

As we said, both looks are created by implementing pigments into tiny punctures. Due to this form of application, both nano brows and powder brows are suitable for clients who were directed away from microblading.

Nano Brows vs Powder Brows – Comparison Between Brow Treatments

The reasons why a person is not a candidate for microblading specifically, but is eligible for machine brows, are:

  • Their skin is oily and microblading strokes would blur and disappear quickly.
  • Their skin is sensitive and microblading would cause too much trauma.
  • Their skin is mature and either too thin or too tough for microblading to look good.

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