Doximity - Medical Network
Doximity - Medical Network

Doximity is the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country – with over 70% of U.S. doctors and 45% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified members.

Doximity helps over 1 million healthcare professionals take the friction out of everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians. The tools you already use, conveniently in one place and designed to make your life a little bit easier.

– Free, secure and simple telemedicine tools
– Call patients without using *67
– Voice call, video call or go straight to voicemail
– Keep up with the latest clinical news in your specialty. Earn free Category 1 CME.
– Quickly look up office info for any other physicians, NP, PA or pharmacist
– Find clinicians based on specialty, location and clinical interests
– Send HIPAA secure faxes from anywhere. Sign, date and annotate documents.

Clinicians are mobile by nature, so Doximity’s suite of tools have been developed keeping this in mind. You can send and receive electronic faxes conveniently while you’re on-the-go, securely collaborate on patient treatment when you’re on-call, and call patients from your cell phone while displaying your office number. With Doximity, you can be more productive and efficient without sacrificing convenience. Download our mobile apps. Read more…