MyFitnessPal Review: Pros & Cons Of Top Fitness App
MyFitnessPal Review: Pros & Cons Of Top Fitness App

For most of us, life already requires a balancing act: we have family, friends, work, working out, and hopefully some downtime in between. Add keeping track of your entire food intake and logging all your exercises in a journal to the equation, and it may seem impossible. Within the past few years, new smartphone apps have been popping up left and right in an effort to help people manage their weight easier and on the go.

One of the most popular apps, MyFitnessPal is a website that helps people count their calories by entering it into an online diary, as well as keep track of their exercise. It’s for anyone with a busy life, looking to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight. It can be tailored to fit the needs of anyone with specific and/or doctor/dietitian-recommended requirements. The free application is available for Blackberry, Android, Windows, and the iPhone.

MyFitnessPal Review: Key Features

Community: MyFitnessPal’s community aspect basically consists of a forum, where other fellow users of the app are free to exchange tips and advice, as well as to create relationships through sharing personal experiences or struggles.

Exercise Tracker: MyFitnessPal has more than 350 exercises stored in its database, and it shows how much each person burns during each activity, based on their specific height, weight, and gender. It includes most cardio and strength training workouts, as well as and Pilates.

Calorie Counter: The app’s calorie counter is basically an online diary of each MyFitnessPal member’s intake. The counter allows members to set daily goals, and the app can add multiple foods at once. It also automatically stores food and meals that members eat often, which makes them easy to find when they eat them again and need to log them.

MyFitnessPal Review: Pros

Convenience: The app allows members to log food from anywhere and has a food database of 3,282,000 different kinds of foods to choose from (customized recipes can be added to the database), and all changes made via phone are also made on the website.

Instant Feedback: One study of obese and diabetic people revealed that the use of self-monitoring of calories (going in and out), through “an electronic tracking program” or an iPhone app like MyFitnessPal, is effective in losing weight healthfully. It claimed that the digital calorie diaries are more effective than traditional self-reporting, because they give people direct feedback, and provides them with information about what is healthy for them specifically.

Flexibility: MyFitnessPal is not a one-size-fits-all app. Personal diet profiles can be changed to fit a person’s specific needs, whether they are on a strict diet or have certain recommendations from their doctor or dietitian. The program calculates caloric needs based on height, weight, gender, and lifestyle.

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