MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Aromatherapy Diffuser, Purple and White
MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Aromatherapy Diffuser, Purple and White

Aromatherapy Diffuser: This product is manufactured using plastic. It acts as both a steam inhaler as well as an aromatherapy device, so you can use some essential oils for aromatherapy besides clearing your airways. This product has a soft mask, a flexible extension tube, a measuring cup, a power cord, and aromatherapy and drains tanks.

  • Acts as an aromatherapy device too
  • Comfortable and soft mask
  • Adjustable and filter-free steam control
  • Difficult to operate


  • Your personal steam inhaler naturally and effectively helps relieve respiratory symptoms of the common cold, sore throat, cough, flu, laryngitis , bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, and allergies.
  • Adjustable filter free steam control with aromatherapy tank makes it easy for you to control the amount of steam your steam vaporizer produces while enhancing your experience with pleasant scents of your choice.
  • Your steam vaporizer is a great natural expectorant, which increases the amount of and clears secretions, lubricating your respiratory tract. The inhalation of steam significantly benefits your lungs and throat.
  • Includes everything you will need and operates quietly: A soft, flexible mask, extension tube, drain tank and aromatherapy tank, indicator light, measuring cup and 5 foot power cord. Plus, your steam vaporizer will operate quietly without distracting or unpleasant noise.
  • Warranty and guarantee: Exclusive limited warranty may apply. Please see product for additional details. Note: We can only guarantee the quality of this product when sold through .com or Brazos Walking Sticks.


* Respiratory ailments
* Common cold
* Sore throat
* Cough
* Allergies
* Flu
* Laryngitis
* Bronchitis
* Sinusitis
* Asthma


* Relieves throat irritation and inflammation
* Cleanses pores
* Rejuvenates skin
* Relieving respiratory ailments
* Operates quietly

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