Nudge Health App
Nudge Health App

Nudge gives you a simple snapshot of your health. This one fitness app helps make sense of the data from all of your other fitness apps.

The Fitbit and other fitness-tracking apps do a great job of collecting data about how much you move, but they don’t always clue you in to your overall health. Enter Nudge, a fitness app that collects all of your steps and sleep habits from Fitbit, rides from Strava, and your self-reported nutritional choices, and turns that data into a single health score, called the “Nudge Factor.” That way, you can get a complete snapshot of your health, with checking three different apps.

The Nudge Factor is a rating of your overall 30-day health outlook, on a scale from 1-110. It factors in your activity data, such as steps from your Fitbit account or runs recorded in Map My Fitness, and your self-reported diet and behavior metrics.

Nudge pulls in data from fitness trackers Fitbit and Jawbone Up, and apps Moves, RunKeeper, Strava, and MapMyFitness. In the Android app, you can also connect sleep-tracking app Sleep As Android. Nudge uses data from those apps and trackers to get an idea of your activity and sleep habits.

To round out your Nudge Factor, you’re also encouraged to self-report some information about your food and beverage intake, unhealthy indulgences, and energy levels. The app helps you track how much coffee, water, alcohol, cigarettes, vegetables, and fried food you consume, so you can track both your healthy and unhealthy habits.

On the main screen, you see your Nudge Factor surrounded by a colorful pie chart that represents four key health metrics: exercise, sleep, diet, and water consumption. For each slice of the chart, the bigger the piece, the better. Each section also changes color based on how well you’re doing. Red means you’re not doing well, yellow is just OK, and green means you’ve hit your goal.

Beyond tracking your own health, Nudge also includes a few social features. You can add friends in the app to compete for the best score. There’s also Clubs, which are themed groups for running, cycling, recipes, and reducing stress that offer support and encouragement.

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