Electric Cellulite Massager with Ultrasonic Cavitation is the best electric cellulite massager on the market today. It uses ultrasonic waves and infrared heat to break down stubborn fat deposits under your skin. The result is a natural looking and safe cellulite removal treatment that doesn’t harm your skin. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on cavitation treatments, you can now get the same professional result at home at a fraction of the price.

Electric cellulite massagers are an energy efficient and reliable wave source, increasing the battery life and effectiveness of the electric full body massager roller cellulite massaging device. With cellulite treatment you get an even and balanced result.

EMS — Electric muscle stimulation to relax and soothe sore or tense muscles

Infrared light therapy — Promotes skin function to reduce redness, rashes and acne outbreaks

ION (negative) therapy — Uses negative electrical impulses to cleanse your skin

ION (positive) therapy — Uses positive electrical impulses to cleanse your skin

Ultrasonic therapy — Uses ultra sonic waves for a deep penetrating massage

The cavitation machine emits ultrasonic waves that stimulates healthy skin cell reproduction while reducing the uneven fat cell distribution, known as cellulite. It promotes your skin’s own ability to regenerate skin cells, so your body does not have to store additional fat deposits near your skin.

Relieve Muscle Tensions

Like any massage tool, the electric therapeutic cellulite massager can help relieve muscle tensions leading back, joint and muscle pains. Since the device is perfectly safe to use, you can use it as an ordinary massage tool as well. However, if you suffer from chronic pain, please advice your physician.

ION Technology

The Ion mode uses micro-electric impulses to penetrate deep into your skin tissue and eliminate microbes. Removing these microbes and bacteria reduces blemishes and spots from your skin, for a deep cleansing effect.

Electric Muscle stimulation

The cellulite roller slimming electric massager’s 5 EMS modes and adjustable intensity modes to achieve optimal comfort and effect. When using the EMS modes, the electric cellulite massager’s should touch your skin to transfer low-level electrical current into your skin and muscle tissue for a relaxing and stimulating effect.

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