Intelligent Beauty Devices That Do It All

Intelligent Beauty Devices That Do It All

Once upon a time, a sonic face brush was a revelation. But that was before advances like LED lighting, radio frequency and microcurrents came on the scene to stop everything from collagen loss and acne to wrinkles and dry skin in its tracks. Today’s beauty devices are high-tech, intuitive and deliver professional spa and dermatological services right to the palm of your hand—and in some cases, your smartphone. Here are some of the smartest models on the market.


TriPollar STOP X

Designed with focused radio frequency technology, the TriPollar STOP X is a small handheld device that heats the surface and layers of the skin using high-density and low-energy waves to encourage the production of collagen and elastin, the support structures of the skin, so that skin is tighter and smoother. To use it, you simply apply the accompanying gel over the surface of the area you want to treat and use the device in small, circular motions for four-to-five minutes. Treating the skin two-to-three times a week for six-to-eight weeks is recommended to see results.


Foreo Bear

Don’t let the adorable bear-like design of this device fool you; it packs a serious workout for your face. The small tool uses advanced microcurrent and sonic pulses to exercise the muscles in your face and neck. Glide the microcurrent spheres over your complexion to help build collagen, repair elastin and tighten your face by way of electrical currents. Special sensors within measure your skin’s resistance to electricity and then adjust the intensity so there is no chance of shock. The effects help increase circulation, eliminate toxins and ease facial tension for smoother, brighter skin. It pairs over Wi-Fi to your smartphone so you can use the accompanying app for guided workouts and personalized settings. This is the kind of gym-free workout we can get behind. Read more

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