How to Determine Your Eyebrow Shape Based on Your Face Shape
How to Determine Your Eyebrow Shape Based on Your Face Shape

Today we’ll show you how to determine your eyebrow shape based on your face shape! Believe it or not, not all brows are created equal! And of course, not all faces are created equal either. So having said that, it’s only natural that our brows need to accentuate our faces in the best way possible. What works for you, may not work for someone else, and vice versa!

So how to determine your eyebrow shape based on your face shape? First, we’ll have to figure out your face shape. To do that, you can click here to a post of mine where I explain the different types of face shapes and how to determine yours. Shape your brows according to what your face shape is for the most flattering look. You’re now on your way to getting perfect eyebrows!

Alternatively, you can also check out the chart above. Before you determine the shape of your face, make sure your hair is completely pulled back so you can get a really good look! Ok, so did you find out the shape of your face? Good! Let’s see what your brows SHOULD look like!

Round Face Shape

Round shaped faces should go for high, sharp brows that will cut away from the round, curvy shape. For those with a round face shape, a structured brow with angled arches and longer ends is the way to go. This will slim the face, and give it a more oval shape, resulting in some pretty perfect brows!

Oval Face Shape

For oval shaped faces, go for a moderate arch instead of a high one. You don’t want to elongate the face even longer. The oval face shape is actually known as the “perfect” face shape because almost anything goes! For those with an oval face shape, well-balanced and contoured brows is the way to go! If you have a longer forehead or a long face, we suggest thicker brows, but if you have smaller facial features, thinner brows are the way to go.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangle shaped faces look well with long brows that frame the eyes and fills out the shape face’s wider forehead, making it look smaller. For triangle shapes, you can go with either thin brows or thick brows, it’s completely up to you!

Heart Face Shape

You’ll want a moderately high arch that rounds out at the tail. This will balance a wide forehead. Create soft, rounded brows to complement the sharp angles of a heart shaped face. Read more

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