High Frequency Therapy for Hair Loss
High Frequency Therapy for Hair Loss

High frequency therapy is a non-surgical effective hair treatment used to help cure dandruff, alopecia, gradual hair loss and  itchy scalp. This treatment  uses high-frequency and ultra-violet rays to stimulate hair follicle for new hair growth. It also improved blood circulation to the scalp, which  helps to deliver nutrients needed for hair growth.

What are the benefits of High Frequency Hair Treatment?

  •  Revitalize Hairs High frequency improves the blood circulation in hairs which leads to the  supply of sufficient quantity of nutrients to the hair. This helps in revitalizing the hairs. The frequent oscillation helps to improve the scalp health and the overall health of the hair and hair follicle gets  enhanced.
  • Manages Thinning Hairs. Treatment provides optimum blood supply and the accompanying nutrients, helps to manage the thinning hairs.
  • New Cell Generation. Treatment helps to generate new cells and also exfoliates the older cells. This technique significantly improves cellular turnover.
  • Prevents Dandruff And Itchy Scalp. Treatment  also improves the symptoms of itchy scalp and also prevents dandruff.  This is due to the fact that the high frequency stimulates the scalp and  the sebaceous glands are activated. This results in the production of  an optimum amount of sebum which helps in reducing the symptom of itchy  scalp. In addition the device generates heat that helps to kill various  bacteria and other pathogens that cause itching.
  • Reduces Hair Fall. This treatment removes excess  layers of dead cells from the scalp. The oil massage will move directly  into the hair follicles and making them strong. This would help in  preventing the hair fall. Further, due to high frequency, blood supply improves leading to more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.  Through increased blood circulation, the toxins are also effectively  eliminated.
  • Improves Hair Growth. Through  various different mechanisms. First, it stimulates the hair follicle  thereby helping the growth of new hairs. Second, it improves blood circulation and provides sufficient nutrition to the growing hairs.  Third, it induces the synthesis of growth factors required for hair  growth such as keratinocyte growth factor. Studies have shown  upregulation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 after exposure to high-frequency current. This Insulin-like Growth factor-1 significantly  induces the growth of the hair follicle.

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