Electric Neck Massager this electric neck massager simulates real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension, improve sleep quality, and promote blood circulation.

Warm Compress, Quick Relief Neck Pressure: Equipped with constant-temperature and warm compress technique, The neck massager gives you the most comfortable neck relaxation. Updated with the new interior sensor and programs, which can precisely control the temperature to avoid excessive heat.


1. Intelligent fitting technology.
2. Magnetic effect.
3. Adjustable Intensity
4. Portable Design
5. Electric pulse massage.
6. LED display, easy to operate.


– This electrical massager has a heat feature, it can calm down the nervous system, soothe your muscles and tissues, and enhance blood flow in the whole body.
– The vibration feature, it can prove to be very beneficial for aching muscles.
– An important benefit is that it can assist in healing injuries.
– It can relieve you from pain, improve flexibility by loosening tight muscles and muscle knots, improve blood circulation, boost the flow of oxygen, and release stress.
– Made of a skin-friendly silica gel pad (breathable and comfortable). Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics: your comfort is a   priority.
– U-shaped elastic arm and intelligent 3D floating electrode help to fit any size of the neck and ensure comfortable use.

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