Drink This Nutrient-Rich Apple And Aloe Vera Juice To Boost Digestion
Drink This Nutrient-Rich Apple And Aloe Vera Juice To Boost Digestion

Aloe Vera Juice : Lifestyle habits like skipping meals, overeating, bingeing on junk and greasy foods often lead to various health conditions that can turn severe if they’re not taken care of. Such habits can also lead to an impaired digestive system that can further have negative impacts on the overall health. If you have been over-indulging in oily foods lately, then you may be at a greater risk of developing digestive woes.

Foods For Digestion: Here’s How You Can Make Apple And Aloe Vera Juice At Home:

Ingredients Required:

Apple – 1
Aloe Vera – 1 large leaf
Turmeric Root – 1 cm
Ginger Root – 1 cm

How To Make:

To begin with, peel the ginger and turmeric root and wash them thoroughly. Chop them into two halves. Cut the apple into two halves as well.
Now with the help of a sharp knife, discard the yellow part from the aloe vera leaf and scrape off the gel after slicing the leaf lengthwise.
Add all the ingredients in a juice and blend well. Once a juice-like consistency is attained, pour it in a glass and drink.

“Aloe vera has a cooling, anti-inflammatory effect on the gut; it helps relieve constipation and can help clear intestinal parasites. Turmeric has a similarly soothing effect on the gut, relieving pain and tension, and also helps improve circulation.

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