Body Contouring & Facial Rejuvenation
Body Contouring & Facial Rejuvenation

The optimum Solution for Body Contouring & Facial Rejuvenation

Tahiti 3000NSP does not require a downtime period. Customer can continue their daily routine immediately after treatment.

Tahiti 3000NSP is a painless treatment, leaving just a slim heat sensation on the treated area continuing working after treatment.

Tahiti 3000NSP is safe for all skin types.

Tahiti 3000NSP is the perfect treatment for post-pregnancy and post-liposuction.

Tahiti 3000NSP tighten and reshapes the treated area thru the combination of techniques. Reduce the body circumference and fights cellulite in the most efficient, fast and safe method

Non Invasive & Non surgical


The Synergetic combination of Latest RF & Vacuum

Body Sculpting & Skin renewal

 Body Contour                                   Wrinkle Removal

 Cellulite Reduction                          Face & Neck Contour

 Targets & Reduces Fat                   Spider Vein Removal

 Skin Lifting                                        Skin Tightening

The Tahiti 3000 NSP uses radio frequency & LED to heat up subcutaneous fat cell debris, breaking them apart and vacuum suction sending them to the lymph nodes for the body to naturally dispose, removing Cellulite and improving skin tone. Lymphatic Drainage is one of the most important aspects of the Tahiti 3000 NSP treatment procedures

Fast & Visible Results by Safe and Comfortable Treatment

Effectively targets various areas of the body and face with 3 different sized applicators.
 30 mm hand piece for face and neck
 60 mm hand piece for arms and body
 90 mm hand piece for legs and body…Read more

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