All That You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions
All That You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

A not-so-talked-about treatment, in general, has got to be lash extensions. I personally know only a few women who have had eyelash extensions done, and guess what? They all loved it! So, this is why I’ve decided to do my own little research, and find out as much as possible about lash extensions. Here I will explain what is the process like, what is their price point, who should have them done, and so on!

Top 9 Facts Which You Should Know About EyeLash Extensions

1. Not A Painful Treatment

Worried about the pain level? No need to be. Lash extensions are a painless treatment that only demands a bit of your patience.

During the application (which can last for 2 hours), your lash expert will apply the extensions one by one on top of your natural eyelashes. It is vital for you to keep your eyes closed during the application.

The only downside if you disobey is that a bit of lash glue can get into your eyes. This may you cause irritation, so just be still during the process.

2. Can Be Done Per Your Preference

You can talk the process through with your lash esthetician. Ask them to give you an ideal infill per your preference. For some women that is a natural and minimalistic outcome, while others prefer fuller Russian volume.

However, make sure you ask them what they’d recommend. Lash estheticians actually know what may look the best on your eye shape etc, so be open for suggestions.

3. Will Last You For Weeks

Once completely dried down you are ready to enjoy them for weeks! Lash extensions ( both faux mink and mink material) actually last anywhere from 3-4 weeks, and are a sturdy solution.

4. High-Quality And Quite Sturdy

Lash extensions can actually survive steamy and humid situations, but are actually also water-resistant! Not only this, but they are cry-proof and ideal for your beach getaways.

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