What Men Should Know About Acne
What Men Should Know About Acne
Just about everyone has some acne as teenagers. Sometimes it lasts much longer than that. Even grown men can have it. But there are treatments, even for severe acne decades after you finished high school.



For most people, changes in hormone levels trigger acne. These hormones create oils that can lead to clogged pores, which sometimes let bacteria grow. Both of these problems cause breakouts.

Men whose fathers had severe acne are more likely to have it, too. Some medications such as lithium, which treats bipolar disorder, and corticosteroids like prednisone can also bring on acne.

The Male Breakout Acne

Men often get acne on the face and back.

Sweating can make it worse. Breakouts on the back often happen in hot weather or after exercising. They’re harder to control than the kind on your face. But fewer people see your back.

Some men get shaving bumps, but ingrown hairs or shaving mistakes are the real cause.

Keep your skin clean. Many cleansers are available.
Keep your skin clean. Many cleansers are available.

What You Can Do Acne

Keep your skin clean. Many cleansers are available. In general, avoid products with beads in them, because they can irritate your skin. Wash twice a day.

Your Face

Use a fresh washcloth that’s gentle on your skin.

When you shave, use a clean razor every time. You might want to use an over-the-counter product with benzoyl peroxide, retinol, or salicylic acid. Your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic foam that you can mix with your shaving cream to help prevent breakouts.

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