Treadmill in the works
Treadmill in the works

Both new products could feature adjustable tablet displays to allow people to do additional workouts near the machines and not solely when they are on them. Bloomberg says the new devices could be announced “as early as next week,” ahead of the company’s quarterly earnings, which are set to be released on Sept. 10

For runners, joggers, walkers and people just looking to get their steps in, a treadmill is perhaps the ideal piece of fitness equipment to bring into your home, especially now when hitting the gym isn’t the safest option. Beyond pandemic-related restrictions, if your typical gym workout was simply jogging on a treadmill, buying one for your home might end up being a more cost-effective way to get a treadmill workout than a pricey monthly membership.

So now you’re probably thinking about that fitness goal you’ve haven’t quite met and how quickly you can get a treadmill for your home gym. Luckily (and overwhelmingly), there are hundreds of treadmills you can buy online, ranging from inexpensive treadmill options that cost a few hundred bucks to expensive treadmills costing well over $15,000.

Through my research, I learned what kinds of features to look for — shock absorption, maximum speed, running surface, automatic incline etc. — what price range is best and which are the best treadmill options for the money. Now I’m sharing that with you.

The treadmills that I tested are suited for all fitness levels and give you exercise options ranging from light jogging to an intense cardio workout to get your heart rate going. So read on to find the best treadmill for you!  Read More..

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