Cleansing Brush
Cleansing Brush

A one-of-a-kind facial cleansing brush suitable for all skin types designed to gently exfoliate and deep-clean pores, leaving your skin thoroughly clean.

Perfectly pairs with all facial cleansers.

Cleansing Brush Features

– Combination of soft fiber and silicone designed to gently exfoliate the skin without irritation

– Textured silicone ring in the center of the brush head designed to hold cleanser

– Detachable brush head makes cleaning easy – simply swivel, rinse, dry and it’s ready for its next use

– Easy to use in the shower for face & body cleansing

– Patented handle designed for comfort and control with thumb placement grip detail and no-slip ridges

– When properly cared for, the Cleansing Brush can last up to two years