The Top Health Wearables For A Healthy Lifestyle
The Top Health Wearables For A Healthy Lifestyle

Fitbit or Apple Watch for running? Garmin or Misfit for swimming? Sleep Cycle or Sleep as Android for sleep tracking? What about measuring heart rate, blood pressure, or tracking how to cut out stress from your life? Dozens of gadgets on the healthcare wearable market promise you a healthy lifestyle, but it’s easy to go astray in the jungle of digital health gadgets.

Let me show you my top choices when it comes to health wearables and trackers.

Guidance in the health wearable universe

By now, I have tested and used more than a hundred devices and gadgets that measure health parameters or vital signs.

Thus, I know that finding the right healthcare wearable is a struggle. Sometimes technology in itself does not provide much help.

For example, the Amazon Wearable marketplace has so many wearable health devices it makes it even harder to choose Healthy Lifestyle.

Also, there are many problems you might encounter. A bunch of technological problems might arise: the device requires constant attention, needs to be charged constantly, Bluetooth connections unpair randomly and synchronization might be a nightmare.

And when you finally “master” technology, it takes the skills of an IT guru combined with that of a trained physician to interpret the data.

Some makers of healthcare wearables are better than others at providing insight into how to live better instead of dumping meaningless data in the users’ lap.

So, here’s a list to find you the best health wearables and trackers. The ones that will cause you the least distress and the most positive outcomes according to my own experiences.

1) For having the best night’s sleep

You surely know from the tale of Sleeping Beauty that the survival of empires could depend on a good night’s sleep. Research shows sleep is very important to brain power, health, beauty, and overall well-being. That’s what sleep apps and trackers want to optimize.

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