The Best Products to Help Relieve and Soothe Lower Back Pain
The Best Products to Help Relieve and Soothe Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is fast becoming an epidemic.These days we spend so much time sitting in front of technology that our backs are starting to feel the strain.

Lower back pain is identified as pain anywhere between the bottom ribs and glutes.

It’s a widespread condition in industrialized countries due to the effects of sedentary lifestyles and working 9-to-5 desk jobs.

According to a study published in the Osteopathic Medicine and Primary Care medical journal in 2008, doctors tend to overlook the value of trying more conservative therapies to treat lower back pain.

Instead, they tend to favour surgeries and drug therapies over non-narcotic analgesics, physical therapy treatments, massage treatments and other alternative therapies.

In this post, we’ll look at the best lower back pain relief products you can buy that can safely relieve pain when you need it at home.

Most of the back pain relief products included are relatively cheap and can be bought with no hassle over the internet.

Many of these products help improve the health of your spine and back muscles with regular use over time, making them much more valuable than harsh treatments that take a toll on your health.

We’ll break down each of the best tools and then categorise them into groups.

Let’s get started!

Myofascial Release Tools

Myofascial release tools offer an alternative method of massage that applies pin-point pressure and kneading or rolling movements to release the fascial—the fibrous tissue surrounding muscles responsible for keeping muscles separate from other muscles, as well as organs and bones.

When the fibres in a muscle’s fascia become knotted and tight, lactic acid builds up, causing soreness, aches and pains.

Myofascial release techniques using these tools are shown to resolve these muscle problems and offer back pain relief by restoring circulation and breaking up tension.

1. Foam Rollers

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Foam rollers are probably the most well-known tools used for myofascial release.

You may see foam rollers at gyms and physical therapy sessions used for injury prevention, pain relief and faster recovery.

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