Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type
A surefire way to break or lose relaxed hair is to overuse styling tools. Beware of blow dryers and flat irons. Keep hair smooth and straight (without heat!) by wrapping it at night and covering with a snag-proof silk scarf. Simply comb all of your hair around the crown of your head until it is smooth. Secure with bobby pins as needed and cover with the scarf.

SULPHUR FOR SKIN: When it comes to dealing with acne, some of the most common ingredients prescribed and used are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. But you’d be surprised to know that sulphur (yes, that foul-smelling chemical from science class) can also be used to address your acne woes. Surprised?

Whiteheads and blackheads

While some people may not consider whiteheads and blackheads as acne, they are indeed the mildest form of acne. It occurs when oil and dead skin cells get trapped in the hair follicle. If the top of this pore is open, it is a blackhead and if the top is closed, it’s a whitehead.

Papules and pustules

Papules and pustules are moderate forms of acne that are usually filled with pus or have a yellow head. Both occur when the pore wall breaks down and gets exposed to more dirt and bacteria. With time these pores get inflamed and become painful.

Sulphur may not work for moderate acne as it is not as strong as other acne-treating ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. However, those with sensitive skin may want to consider this as an option.

Acne scars

Those with a history of acne and breakouts may have some or the other form of scars on the face that are difficult to get rid of. Some stubborn scars take months to fade making your skin look dull and lifeless.Enter: sulfur. This ingredient has the ability to get rid of dead skin cells and boost new skin cells’ growth. Using a sulfur-based topical treatment can give you clear and flawless skin.

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