Aloe Care Health System: World's first Digital Assistant For Older Adults
Aloe Care Health System: World's first Digital Assistant For Older Adults


Aloe Care Health is new to the medical alert monitoring market but that doesn’t mean they don’t come without experience. This gives them an advantage of knowing what the market was lacking and how they can come in and fill in the gaps. Aloe Care Health claims to have created “the world’s first comprehensive solution to address the critical voids in supporting independent older adults.”


The Aloe Care hub works like a speaker phone. Simply plug it in and use your voice to initiate two-way conversations with your family. The built-in sensors monitor air quality, temperature and motion, giving you complete peace of mind that your aging loved one is safe. The Aloe Care Health system includes a wearable medical alert button that you can press to get help anytime.

The Aloe Care Health family app ties all the technology together. Your loved ones can see alerts such as movement inside the home and caregiver check-ins. Caregivers can easily drop in their voice to the hub to give reminders. When emergency help is needed, Aloe Care Health will dispatch help immediately and also notify loved ones. The Smart Hub is equipped with an AT&T 4G LTE card, so WiFi is not necessary.

Here are the components that make up Aloe Care Health’s system:

Hub: This is a voice activated medical alert base station for the system that connects directly to the emergency response center, when needed. You can press your button within 200 ft of the hub to connect. You can utilize voice activation by saying the word “Emergency” until you hear the chime alert.

App: Stay connected with your loved ones and caregivers through Aloe Care’s medical alert monitoring app that updates you on all you need to know as well as gives you the ability to make App-to-Hub calls.

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