Smart Temporal Thermometer - Thermo | Withings
Smart Temporal Thermometer - Thermo | Withings

With Thermo, Withings’ avant-garde infrared thermometer, measuring your temperature has never been easier. Just touch the device to your temple, press a button, and wait two seconds for the results to appear on its LED display.

The smart temporal thermometer uses 16 infrared sensors that collect around 4,000 temperature readings in two seconds. When connected to the companion app, either over WiFi or Bluetooth, you’ll be able to track temperature readings for each profile you create, set reminders, take notes, and get advanced health advice based on age, symptoms, and fever history.

An easier, better way to take anyone’s temperature

Thermo is a game-changer. Now, a fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields medical-grade results right on the device and provides an automatic sync with the free Thermo app, available for iOS and Android. In the app, you can track temperature readings, set reminders, and input related symptoms & medications for advice right on your smartphone.

Highly accurate

Thermo measures from the temporal artery considered an ideal place to detect temperature changes, as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body. 16 infrared sensors take over 4,000 measurements—a revolutionary advancement, and what we call HotSpot Sensor Technology.

No contact with skin required

Enjoy a contactless scan up to 1 cm from the forehead. Unlike other thermometers, Thermo does not need to come into contact with anybody’s fluids, such as saliva, perspiration, or earwax. It is the most hygienic way to take anyone’s temperature, as Thermo does not need to be cleaned between each measurement.

Instant Feedback

Readings appear illuminated on the device along with a color-coded LED indicator to tell you if the temperature is normal, elevated, or high based on the age of the user.

Know when it’s time to take action

Measurements sync automatically with your smartphone. Based on age, fever history, and symptoms, the Thermo app gives advanced health advice.

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