AerBetic Non-Invasive Wearable Diabetes Alert Device
AerBetic Non-Invasive Wearable Diabetes Alert Device

Diabetes Alert Device: AerBetic, Inc. announced today that it is developing a non-invasive, wearable diabetes alert system that will improve quality of life and simplify caregiving for the 460 million people worldwide living with diabetes.

The device contains nano-sensors that detect gases given off through breath or skin, which are symptomatic of high or low blood sugar. The tiny sensors, designed and manufactured by AerNosTM, will be integrated into wearable devices that pair with smartphone apps, adding the ability to push alerts to patients and caregivers.

AerBetic is a noninvasive wearable diabetes monitor that passively and continuously monitors blood sugar levels, along with a partner app that allows the user to set up alert communications to a network of caregivers or health care providers.

To monitor changes in blood sugar levels, the AerBetic wearable uses a nano gas sensor, created by AerNos™, to detect certain gases that humans naturally emit at the ratios and ranges that scientists have identified as early indicators of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

The AerNos nano sensor is the core technology for the AerBetic wearable. Customized to address this specific application, the AerNos sensor acts like the dog’s nose, sensing multiple gases simultaneously and at the low detection levels needed to monitor blood sugar changes.

The nano sensor is also of the size and form factor necessary for a wearable device and has a low power requirement.

Getting to Know You

Just as diabetes detection dogs are trained to detect blood sugar extremes for a specific individual, AerBetic also offers this personalized monitoring, using machine learning to improve its accuracy over time.

When the AerBetic wearable alerts the user to a change in blood sugar levels, the person with diabetes can use a blood glucose monitor and then input his or her glucose levels into the AerBetic app. Using machine learning, the AerBetic system uses that additional data to help the device learn their unique breath signature.   Read More..

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