Silicone Heated Eyelash Curler
Silicone Heated Eyelash Curler
  • Heated Silicone Comb – The comb features soft silicone bristles and an efficient heating system to curl eyelashes to a perfect shape. The silicone bristles perfectly separate eyelashes while the hot temperature lifts and molds lashes.
  • Dual-Sided Curling Comb – The silicone comb features 2 different comb surfaces to curl lashes. The larger comb is ideal to comb the entire length of the lashes, while the smaller comb is perfect for the corner of the eyelashes providing more control and precision.
  • Safe to Use: The gentle silicone bristles do not pinch or crimp the eyelashes, providing safe use.
  • 3-Temperature Modes: This device provides three temperature modes to suit different needs.
  • 15S Fast Heating System – The heating comb heats up in just 15s.
  • Easy to Clean – The silicone bristles are easy to clean and mascara comes off effortlessly.

Benefits Of Silicone Heated Eyelash Curler:

This innovative eyelash curler uses gentle heat to lift and curl eyelashes to a perfect shape. The arched comb with soft silicone bristles provides a perfect curl.

  • Provides voluptuous eyelashes
  • Lifts & molds eyelashes to a perfect shape
  • Elongates eyelashes
  • Easy to use


Step 1
Allow the device to preheat for around 15s.

Step 2
Apply mascara on the eyelashes.

Step 3
Touch and hold the big heating comb against the root of the upper eyelashes for approximately 3s and comb slowly from the root towards the tip of the eyelashes. Hold the position for another 3s to curl. Repeat this operation 2-3 times.

Step 4
After use, turn off the device and only clean it after the heating comb has cool down.

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