Natural Hair Removal: 5 Weird Remedies That Actually WORK!
Natural Hair Removal: 5 Weird Remedies That Actually WORK!

Although it was put on our bodies for good purpose (warmth and hygiene) clothes and showers, plus modern beauty standards, mean we no longer feel the need to be coated in a layer of fuzz.

Using razors to remove hair:

Razors are handy, there’s no doubt about it.

They’re not too expensive, easy to use, and perfect for last-minute, emergency hair removal.

However, there are downsides to razors, which if you’ve used once regularly, you’ll be all too familiar with.

Using hair removal cream:

It’s something most of us experiment with, at some point in our lives.

Unlike razors, it won’t leave you with a rash. Similarly to shaving, however, it will only remove the hair above the surface, leading to rapid regrowth.


Waxing is the most expensive and most painful hair removal option you can go for, but many people would say it’s worth it.

Wax pulls hair from the root, leaving you with flawless results that last the test of time. Although it can be painful at first, a combination of reduced hair-growth and your skin becoming used to the process mean the pain does decrease over time.

Natural hair removal remedies:

Believe it or not, there are some natural remedies that can slow down hair growth, reduce body hair, and even remove it completely.

1. Hair removal using sugar wax

Exactly what it says on the tin…only there is no tin because it’s completely homemade. In fact, you can whip up your own sugar wax at home using:

  • just 200g sugar
  • 60ml lemon juice
  • 60ml water


  1. Add the ingredients to a saucepan on the hob, and stir to combine. Begin to heat, slowly bringing the mixture to a boil.
  2. Once it boils, simmer the ingredients on a low-medium temperature, stirring frequently. Once the mixture has turned golden brown in colour, it’s time to remove the pan.

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