Say Goodbye To Eye-bags and Wrinkles with NIRA Skincare Laser
Say Goodbye To Eye-bags and Wrinkles with NIRA Skincare Laser

All hail this easy-peasy eye-bag buster! The NIRA rejuvenation laser is for use at home to target wrinkles, crêpey skin, fine lines and brighten. It’s safe for all skin tones and types, for men and women. The little laser pulses suit small areas like under eyes, crow’s feet, and lip pucker lines. With no pain, it creates heat in your lower skin layers which boosts collagen and elastin synthesis for gradually brighter, firm, smooth, and supple skin.

The NIRA Skincare rejuvenation laser is a non-ablative non-fractional laser that’s FDA-cleared safe and effective for use at home. It works best on small facial areas, and especially well on crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles and bags. NIRA also offers an optional hydrating serum, but the laser needs no gels or other consumables to work.

Water in your dermis absorbs the infrared laser beams and creates heat. The laser precisely controls the heat so it won’t damage your skin or cause pain. But it’s hot enough to trigger your skin’s healing response. This means your fibroblasts build stronger collagen and elastin, which supports and regenerates your skin so it gradually perks up. The result is firmer, supple skin, and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

What it Fixes

Firms & smooths away wrinkles and fine lines increases elasticity for a supple under-eye area, tightens crêpey skin, and fades eye bags for brighter and younger-looking eyes and complexion.

Ease of use

Very easy to use the little cordless device with excellent battery life. No gels needed. Super-simple routine over crow’s feet and under-eye area, or other small wrinkled surfaces. The quick, hot sensation that’s totally bearable with no skin reactions or irritation.


Low effort routine for ongoing daily use. Takes just a few minutes both morning and night. Quickly becomes a habit and easy to fit in.


Smooths and firms gradually so you see wrinkles and lines fading around 60 days in, and best results after 90 days. Tightens and refreshes for healthy, supple skin.

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