Potato to Fade Black Spots
Potato to Fade Black Spots

Potato is the most common food item across the world but here we will talk about the beauty benefits of potatoes or I should say some potato facial packs. Potatoes have the properties to lighten the darkness and due to this very feature and used to lighten the complexion, remove dark circles.Potato fade to  black spots and pimple marks from the face and also to get rid of the elbow and neck darkness. These potato home remedies will help to make the skin clear and smoother.

1. Potato Face pack with Coconut Milk for fairness

If you want fairness then coconut milk with potato juice can be your ideal choice to get that. Coconut milk is a gentle thing that will get rid of the spots, patchy skin, marks etc by increases the regeneration of cells with in few days. Potato too is effective to do the same. Hence, this quick tip will cure all the skin related problem.

  1. Take 2 teaspoonful of coconut milk and add same amount of potato juice.
  2. Clean the face and use this herbal concoction to massage the face gently.
  3. After massaging for 2- 3 minutes, leave it like a pack and let it try. Rinse it off with normal water.
  4. This potato pack treatment should be done 2-3 times in a week to notice good results.
  5. If itching or redness gets more then stop using this.

2. Honey, Strawberry and Potato Pack

Honey is also a brilliant skin lightening agent that can effectively get rid of the dark spots and provides skin whitening as well. It is safe to be used for all the skin types, even the acne prone oily skin. Strawberries on the other hand are considered as a whitening agent, this is why they are used in skin whitening products. Read More……………..

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