Oral Instrument Device
Oral Instrument Device

Oral Instrument Device : While most of our competitors are resellers of cheap Chinese teeth whitening lights, Beaming White manufactures its own blue LED whitening lights. We have our own industrial designs, electronics and software, which is why the Futura line of lights has become the top selling brand in the cosmetic teeth whitening field. The Futura 2400 comes with a lifetime warranty, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the product.

Teeth Whitening Using Lights

Teeth whitening using lights has a long and varied history. Beaming White only offers blue LED teeth whitening lights because they are the safest, longest-lasting, and least expensive of all teeth whitening lamps. Below we explain the differences between the different types of teeth whitening machines in case you are interested, but you can see our complete lineup of bleaching lights here. Our best-selling teeth whitening accelerator light is the Futura 2400.

Types of Teeth Whitening Lights:


As the name suggests, these lamps consist of blue LEDs that range in power from fractions of a watt to a few watts. They emit a cold blue light, which is why they are so safe. The light cannot burn the skin or gums. The wavelength is typically in the range of 430-490 nanometers. This wavelength activates different chemical compounds including but not limited to hydrogen peroxide. The best bleaching agent for teeth is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) teeth whitening gel. Because blue LED light activates H2O2 gel so well, and blue LED light is so safe, it is no wonder that today most bleaching lights in the teeth whitening industry are of this type.


Plasma lights are excellent for teeth whitening because they are very powerful, but they are also very expensive. They have other dental uses, namely curing composites quickly and effectively. However, few dentists have one. For teeth whitening, they are definitely overkill unless your dental practice will use it frequently for other procedures, but they are out of the question for non-dentists. They typically have power in the neighborhood of 150W.

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