Me Smooth/Iluminage Touch Elos Replacement Cartridge - 50,000 Flashes

Iluminage Touch : Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with the Me Elos Replacement Cartridge with 50,000 Flashes. Compatible with the Me Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device, the replacement light attachment contains 50,000 flashes – enough to treat your entire face and body for continued, long lasting results. Simply click into the main device to penetrate the root of hair growth with patented elōs technology for effective hair removal.


How to replace your cartridge:
1. Make sure that the smooth device is turned off.
2. Remove the used els Cartridge by sliding it off the applicator. The accessory cap is located on the bottom side of the els Cartridge.
3. Take the replacement els Cartridge and insert it until clicks into place.
4. Turn on your smooth device.

The Me Hair Removal Replacement Elos Cartridge is used with Me or Iluminage. branded hair removal devices to keep your face and body hair-free and silk smooth. Each long-lasting Elos replacement cartridge contains 50,000 pulses and can be used with
the following devices: me Smooth Hair Removal Device Iluminage. Touch Me Soft Me Touch Tanda me Elos * Keep your skin silky smooth and hair free by replacing your me elos Cartridge. Each long-lasting cartridge contains 50,000 pulses.

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