Klug Mini Massager S Duo
Klug Mini Massager S Duo

What is EMS?

Direct stimulation of muscles below fat using micro-electricityWhen using the product, the shaking of the attachment site is a normal phenomenon caused by the electrical stimulation acting on the muscle. If the electrode pad and body are not in close contact with each other, a warning sound may be repeated. It is recommended to use 1~3 times a day according to the site of use.

Customize your own massage to soothe your stress and stiffness with Klug. Relax with Klug’s EMS technology and various gel pad sizes that contract and stimulates the muscles anytime, anywhere.

Take the comfort of a massage wherever you go. Klug only weighs 12.8g allowing you to hand carry it without any limitation of time and space, from the office, gym, and/or to your room.

No need for wires. Klug is completely wireless and comes with a remote controller for you to enjoy a hands-free massage. Solve your worries of wires hindering your massage or the nuisance of holding a massager for a full convenient massage experience.

Become your own professional masseuse at the comfort of your home. Customize your own massage with Klug’s 2 different courses each assigned with 3 massage actions(tapping, acupuncture, kneading, massages) and 15 intensity levels.

4 differently sized pads catered to your massage needs. Relieve your cramped shoulders and neck with the [Basic Pad], soothe the soreness in your arms with the [Large Pad], loosen up the annoying back discomfort that you frequently encounter through the [Mega Pad], and finally a relaxing foot massage with the [Foot Pad] to end your tiring day. Read more…

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