3 Amazing Moisturizing Ingredients To Address Your Dry Skin

From glycerin to Argan oil, a variety of ingredients work to hydrate the skin, making it smoother, suppler, and plumper. Continue reading for our top picks for moisturizing skincare ingredients to incorporate into your routine, and prepare you to say goodbye to dry skin for good.

  1. Glycerine: Glycerin is one of the best ingredients for moisturizing dry skin. By acting as a humectant — a substance that attracts and holds moisture — the ingredient assists your skin in absorbing moisture from the air and preventing it from evaporating. It’s particularly beneficial if you suffer from acne or eczema.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: Your body produces hyaluronic acid on its own. So why would you want to apply it topically? As you age, your body’s production of hyaluronic acid decreases, leaving your skin dry and dull. Using hyaluronic acid-containing creams or serums not only moisturizes the skin, but also plumps it up. It’s a type of sugar molecule that cushions your tissues; the ingredient also helps retain moisture in the skin and gives it a smooth, soft appearance, which is especially beneficial for dry skin.
  3. Argan oil: This light oil is ideal for moisturizing dry skin. It contains a variety of acids and vitamins that moisturize the skin and is a true hero when it comes to resolving dryness.

About the Author:

Germie Alderite is a Registered Medical Technologist in the Philippines. She is currently studying Doctor of Medicine in the said country. Germie worked in an Adventist Wellness Center for a year before entering Medical School. She believes that many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, thus, people need instruction. They need to be impressed with the importance of making their knowledge a guide of life. Physician has many opportunities both of imparting a knowledge of health principles and of showing the importance of putting them into practice.

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