Get To Know How To Use The Silk'n Infinity | IPL Hair Removal Device
Get To Know How To Use The Silk'n Infinity | IPL Hair Removal Device
  1. Infinity Intro

Congrats on your purchase of the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal device! Go throw away your razors, creams, and tweezers — and start planning what you’re going to do with all the money you’re saving — because you’re about to be hair-free.

The Infinity is Silk’n’s number one hair removal device, using Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology to target the roots of your hair and damage the follicle. The light converts to heat and zaps the follicle, resulting in an almost pain-free hair removal method. You’ll notice your hair getting thinner and, over a few treatments, the follicle eventually dies. That means no more hair can grow there!

In addition to the patented HPL tech, the Infinity also features e-HPL, which uses a special kind of energy to open your pores. That means it can reach deep into the pore, targeting stubborn hairs and stimulating your circulation and skin tone all at once.

It also has a quartz bulb, which helps it reload super-fast, allowing for more pulses in a shorter amount of time — so you’re not spending hours on your hair removal treatments.

The Infinity can be used on both men and women — it’s a gender-free hair removal device. It can also be used on most parts of the body, from hairy knuckles to unwanted leg hair. Just keep it below the cheek bone because it could damage your eyes if you use it to close to them.

Key features of the Infinity:

  • Painless, irritation-free at-home hair removal – no more trips to the salon
  • You can use it on lots of different hair colors and skin types
  • You never have to buy a refill cartridge — ever
  • The unique pulsing and gliding methods allow you to target treatment areas
  • Leaves your skin toned and supple
  • Five power settings for customized treatment levels
  • Quartz bulb allow for quick reloading and faster pulses
  • Includes a free app to keep track of your treatments
  1. Skin Tone Chart

The Infinity’s unique technology means that it can be used for a wider range of skin tones than other hair removal methods — but it’s not suitable for all skin tones. Because HPL relies on a contrast between the color of the hair and the color of the skin, it’s most effective for people with lighter skin and darker hair. But it’s still effective on skin tones ranging from very light to medium skin tones. It should not be used on very dark skin tones.

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