Facial cupping is a similar principle as traditional cupping, except obviously, it doesn’t leave bruises. The main difference with traditional cupping (and the reason why it doesn’t bruise) is because as opposed to being left on the skin for a long time, the cups are always moving, and they’re applying a light suction.

If you don’t know what traditional cupping is, it’s basically using suction cups to “pull” the blood to the surface of the skin. It therefore increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to your skin. Traditional cupping is usually performed on the back and arms, and can be used to get rid of pain just like a massage.

The set includes 4 suction cups in 2 sizes, used for different areas of the face, and a textured cleansing pad. The set also comes with a leaflet, showing you exactly where and how to apply suction, and what movements to make.

The Benefits Of Facial Cupping

Since I’ve started facial cupping in January, I’ve been doing it about twice a week – sometimes more… And I LOVE IT! I’ve noticed some serious benefits. The main ones I’ve noticed are:

GLOWING, YOUTHFUL SKIN. While I’m lucky to not have many wrinkles and fine lines (thanks, oily skin!), I still have a few here and there that are slightly bothering me. But since I’ve been doing facial cupping regularly, I feel like they’re less noticeable. Or at least not getting worst. But the main difference I’ve seen is how glowing my skin looks on the day of/the day after cupping. As I mentioned earlier, facial cupping increases blood flow right under the surface of the skin. This brings more oxygen to your skin, and makes your face feel refreshed. When I’m done with cupping, I feel like my skin feels supple and plump.

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