Expert Guide To Decoding Day Time And Night Time Skincare Routines

Skincare Routines: The phrase ‘As different as night and day’ isn’t merely a simile reserved for poems, but in fact, a hard fact, especially when it comes to your beauty regimen. Elaborating on this, Namrata Reddy Sirupa Co-Founder, Satliva, says, “While on the surface, night time skincare routines may seem similar to day time routines, with cleansing, moisturising and the likes, but the paths they should employ are in fact, very different.

It follows that a day time skincare routine should consist of a light layer of products that will protect you from the sun, dirt and impurities, while keeping skin moisturised. These will be lightly moisturising and non-photosensitive products. At night, your routine should involve replenishing the skin with all the nutrients that the day might have stripped it off of. As such, you will need a heavy moisturising routine, sometimes involving photosensitive products and moisturising components that seep deep into the pore.

Since your skin replenishes itself when you are resting, at night is when you should pack on products that will help it do this. Think of your day time skin routine as a protective one, and your night time skincare routine as the one that will recharge skin cells. Sirupa adds, “Your day time routine should focus on SPF products and antimicrobial and antibacterial components that protect you from harsh sun damage, dirt and bacteria. Your night time skincare routine can focus on packing your cells with moisture, vitamins and minerals,thereby recharging them for the day to come and creating a stronger skin barrier that can fight away the dangers of the day better!”

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