Disposable Specimen Collection Swab(Nasal swab)
Disposable Specimen Collection Swab(Nasal swab)

Nasopharyngeal swab, the preferred collection solution for the swab-based covid nucleic acid test.

Flocked Swabs are proven superior in sample uptake and release, compared to non-flocked swabs. Its quick sample collection and release ability is due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology, which allows the rapid diagnostic test

Swab-based specimen collection
Swab-based specimen collection

More efficient sample collection and release ability, due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology, which can optimize specimen collection he release efficiency.

  •  Medical-grade ABS swab stick, more breakable, and no interference with viral PCR testing.
  •  Individually wrapped and sterile.
  •  Rapid sampling time.
  •  Easy to operate and ready to use.
  •  CE, MD certified.

Use Flocked swabs to enhance the sample collection

01. Superior collection ability

Improved sample collection, sprayed-on fibers statically charged and attached to the applicator tip in a uniform perpendicular manner and by means of strong capillary action cell specimens are rapidly absorbed.

Nasal swab collection
Nasal swab collection

02. Superior elution ability

Superior sample elution, with an open fiber structure it instantly dislodges the specimen cells into the liquid medium. Unlike traditional wound swabs when the specimen is entrapped in the mattress core.

Increased assay sensitivity, flocked swabs are proven to elute over 95% of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity. However, the traditional fiber swabs matrix and trap the samples.

03. Ideal for diagnosis

Certified free of inhibitors and interference, collection swabs are free of any PCR inhibitors, certificate of analysis available for each lot of manufacture.

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