Detan Your Skin With Natural Home Remedies
Ordering the same dish at your favorite restaurant is one thing. But caring for your skin in exactly the same way for years and years? That’s a different story. Make sure you’re giving your complexion the best treatment by tuning up your routine.

We all know that during the summer season the sun is brutal and very harsh on the skin. As you step out in the sun, there are almost 70% chances of getting suntan and sunburn, even if you have applied any number of cream packs. In this article, we will be discussing detan and will be explaining the following points.

1. What is tanning?
2. Causes of tan
3. What is de tan?
4. How to de tan at home?
5. Tan removal treatments

What Is Tanning?

In simple words, tanning is the process in which the skin pigment melanin is increased due to the overexposure to the sunlight. This is the natural way of protecting the skin from sun damage.  Face, neck, arms, hands, feet, are some of the areas that are more prone to suntan. Visible signs of ageing, increasing risk of carcinoma, melanoma and skin cancer are some of the tanning effects.

Causes Of Tan:

The sun emits three different wavelengths of the ultraviolet light (UV rays) which is:

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

UVA and UVB radiations can penetrate deep into your skin layers and can cause serious damage. Excess of melanin (skin-dark pigment) is produced by melanocytes when UVA radiations penetrate deep into the skin, which supplementary darkens the skin due to oxidation and causes tanning.

What Is De Tan?

De tan meaning: In simple words, de-tan is the process of removing the pile-up of  cells and skin which is tanned due to the exposure to pollution and radiation emitted by the sun. Please note that it is not an alternative to get fairer skin, but it is done to remove the tanned skin to counterbalance the skin tone.

How To De-Tan At Home?

There are so many effective methods to get rid of the tanned skin as most of the effective natural detan ingredients are readily available in most of the homes. A proper skin care regime helps to get rid of tan easily at home and get back the original skin tone.

De-Tan Home Remedies Are:

  • Milk And Cucumber:

Both milk and cucumber are exceptionally advantageous for the skin as milk has moisturizing property and cucumber has cooling properties. A de-tan face pack can be made easily by combining both of them.

Usage: Make cucumber juice with the help of a blender and combine it with milk. Mix well and apply to the tanned area and leave it for about 20 minutes. Repeating this procedure twice a day will surely give good results.

  • Aloe Vera And Lemon Juice:

Applying aloe vera gel on the deeply tanned area is immensely beneficial for the skin. Aloe vera gel acts as protection and a healing layer when applied and it also helps to replenish the natural moisture of the skin. It also reduces wrinkles and fights signs of ageing. Read more

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